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Daman Goes Beyond Manifolds with Cavity Bodies

Coming soon, Daman will be adding 6,250 part numbers to our new Cavity Body Line!

Looking for Availability of Valve Setting and Small Circuit Solutions?

Because of our extensive investment in cavity tooling and inspection equipment, we can provide our customers with high-quality small circuit solutions and solutions for setting valves that are not readily available elsewhere. Our decades of experience help us to repeatedly meet the close tolerances required in cartridge valve body components.

About The New Product Line

Our comprehensive, new cavity body line is comprised of 37 different cavity sizes which include nine common cavity sizes from C-8-2 through C-16-3 along with 28 of the most popular sizes from Sun, each having the following five port types available:

ISO 6149

  • Three to five different port size options will be offered for each port type.
  • Our entire line can be manufactured in aluminum or ductile iron, with or without gauge ports, with or without surface coatings— clear or black anodize for aluminum and electroless nickel for ductile.
  • Each part will have two through mounting holes and ship with two bolts.
  • For our customer’s convenience, our new cavity bodies can face left or right while still being able to read the part number when mounted.

Daman’s goal is to create value and convenience whenever we can. In this current market of extended lead times, we are making the effort to be part of the solution.

For decades Daman Products’ standard line has focused on serving the surface-mounted valve market with quality and service leadership. Today, we are proud to announce that we are bringing that same service and quality leadership to the cartridge valve cavity body market.

Stay tuned for the announcement of our release date, catalog pages, order information and pricing!

For more information, contact us at sales@daman.com.


New Year, New Packaging

Everyone wants to protect their assets and it’s important to Daman that our customers’ packages show up on-time and in-shape.  Product protection starts with proper packaging.  A thorough evaluation of our packaging processes and materials stoked action to improve our system starting this New Year.

Our goal is to improve the integrity of our packages and ensure they are delivered without damage.  Achieving this goal helps us all save time, money and resources without the hassle of having to set up returns or replacements.

To make this transition, Daman’s Shipping Team worked with several vendors to find the best solution.  Packaging Logic, a local vendor in LaPorte, IN, is now supplying Daman’s upgraded materials which include new boxes, wrapping, caps and fillers.   We believe these changes will minimize the likelihood of our customers receiving damaged goods. Customers can be confident that our packages will arrive intact—delivering more peace of mind.

New Boxes

  • Daman houses several different box sizes with variable depths to reduce cube size and packaging dunnage (additional space).
  • Our new boxes are upgraded from a 200# C singlewall material to 275# C singlewall and ECT 48 BC doublewall materials.
  • The materials upgrade makes the packaging more durable, increases the bursting strength (puncture and tear resistance), and offers increased vertical compression.
  • The box also features an extended, more durable glue tab to prevent boxes from bursting open at the glue tab.

“These changes were implemented to meet UPS and FedEx enhanced packaging guidelines because of the way they handle packages,” states Brian Schmitt, Sales and Engineering Manager at Packaging Logic, Inc.  “In addition, there are potential soft savings for some of the smaller box sizes by reducing the amount of expensive filament tape being used to go around the box in several different directions and the labor associated with it”.



old versus new box


box seal

New Wrapping, Caps & Filler

  • Wraps and liners have been upgraded to 200#C corrugated material, and now provide better tearing and puncture resistance, especially when stapling the end caps, or in the event the package is dropped.
  • The end caps have been redesigned with flaps that offer better performance if dropped on the ends.
  • The extra material thickness from the flaps reduces the likelihood that the staples will tear out from the wrap.
  • Fillers now have cookie-cuts for easy, clean tearing to ensure an optimal fit when eliminating dunnage in the packaging.
  • The new end caps, pictured below, are redesigned for better reinforcement during shipping.

Brian Schmitt states that, “By utilizing the void space on the existing end caps, we are able to design these flaps into that material void without increasing the overall end cap size.  It’s there, so why not use it”?


“If only one customer receives a damaged part, that’s too many”, states Mike Linsky, Shipping Manager at Daman.  Our motivation is to serve our customers with the highest quality products, even after they’ve endured the rigorous demands of shipping.

The difference may not be obvious, but it’s there and it’s better.  We hope you will experience the benefit of these changes.  Comments and feedback on the new packaging are welcomed and appreciated.  We look forward to serving you better in the New Year!

Surface Treatments for Daman Manifolds

There are many benefits of applying a surface finish treatment to your manifold such as improved appearance, corrosion resistance, improved paint adhesion, and increased surface hardness. The type of material, its application, and the purpose for the coating are used to determine the proper treatment for your part. In this video, Daman describes the different applications and highlights the process of anodize and electroless nickel surface treatments.

Surface treatments for hydraulic manifolds

For more information about surface finish treatments, contact us.


How the Daman Trigger System Works

Daman announces part two of a three part video series about the Daman Trigger System. This video describes the streamlined process that allows Daman to ship your custom manifold in 24-hours. Complex order fulfillment is replaced with a simplified pull methodology which electronically triggers replenishment based on actual customer usage. Follow our  two-step process outlined in this video to get started with the Daman Trigger System—a delivery system that we’ve been perfecting for more than two decades.

How the Daman Trigger System Works