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Manifold Application News—Evolution of a Manifold Solution

HIC Custom Manifold achieves 11% cost savings and eliminates 39 hydraulic leak points

Daman Products proves that 21st-century design and manufacturing efficiencies make it easier than ever to source one-piece Hydraulic Integrated Circuit (HIC) Custom Manifold solutions that reduce costs and leak points. Today’s fluid power standard solutions can be designed as custom engineered solutions — reducing labor hours, leak points, number of components, and over-all costs.

leaky manifold old manifold


Several years ago, Daman had a project where a machine builder spec’d in standard components for a manifold consisting of six-station D05H manifolds, three-station D08H manifolds, an in-line pressure reducing body, and 24 stacked modules. The primary issues with the standard solution were:

  • 24 Stacked modules
  • 48 Leak points
  • 50 Labor hours for assembly
  • Excessive maintenance costs
  • Excessive overall project costs

standard manifold


The Daman team worked with their distributor to replace 25 components with a one-piece custom engineered manifold solution. Some of the benefits included:

  • Eliminating 39 leak points
  • Eliminating 30 labor hours
  • 11% cost savings
  • Easy assembly
  • Future maintenance benefits

custom manifold


custom manifold solutionDaman collaborated with their distributor to provide a HIC Custom Manifold solution that eliminated 11% in overall costs for this $24,000 custom project. 30 labor hours were saved in addition to reducing the solution to only nine leak points.

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Daman Goes Beyond Manifolds with Cavity Bodies

Coming soon, Daman will be adding 6,250 part numbers to our new Cavity Body Line!

Looking for Availability of Valve Setting and Small Circuit Solutions?

Because of our extensive investment in cavity tooling and inspection equipment, we can provide our customers with high-quality small circuit solutions and solutions for setting valves that are not readily available elsewhere. Our decades of experience help us to repeatedly meet the close tolerances required in cartridge valve body components.

About The New Product Line

Our comprehensive, new cavity body line is comprised of 37 different cavity sizes which include nine common cavity sizes from C-8-2 through C-16-3 along with 28 of the most popular sizes from Sun, each having the following five port types available:

ISO 6149

  • Three to five different port size options will be offered for each port type.
  • Our entire line can be manufactured in aluminum or ductile iron, with or without gauge ports, with or without surface coatings— clear or black anodize for aluminum and electroless nickel for ductile.
  • Each part will have two through mounting holes and ship with two bolts.
  • For our customer’s convenience, our new cavity bodies can face left or right while still being able to read the part number when mounted.

Daman’s goal is to create value and convenience whenever we can. In this current market of extended lead times, we are making the effort to be part of the solution.

For decades Daman Products’ standard line has focused on serving the surface-mounted valve market with quality and service leadership. Today, we are proud to announce that we are bringing that same service and quality leadership to the cartridge valve cavity body market.

Stay tuned for the announcement of our release date, catalog pages, order information and pricing!

For more information, contact us at sales@daman.com.


2017 Industry and Economic Outlook Conference Recap

In August, industry leaders and economists gathered in Chicago for the 2017 NFPA Industry and Economic Outlook Conference (IEOC). Experts examined industry economics, market forecasts, and technological breakthroughs that could impact the fluid power supply chain for years.

Topics included macroeconomic and global trends. The following experts provided insights into key mobile and industrial customer markets.

  • Alan Beaulieu, ITR Economics, presented  US Market Outlook and its Effect on World Economies
  • John Walker, Oxford Economics, presented Global Growth Expectations and the Impact of Trumpanomics
  • Eli Lustgarten, ELS Consultants, presented Fluid Power Customer Markets Overview
  • Jim Meil,  ACT Research, presented Fluid Power Industry Forecast 

Representatives from seven different fluid power markets spoke during breakout sessions. Speakers included:

  • Eric Starks, FTR Transportation Intelligence – Heavy Truck Market Forecast
  • David Phillips, Off-Highway Research – Construction Machinery Forecast
  • Ann Duignan, J.P. Morgan – Agriculture Machinery Forecast
  • Tom Runiewicz, IHS Markit – Industrial Markets Overview
  • Pat McGibbon, Strategic Analytics – Metalworking/Machine Tool Market Forecast
  • Mark Watson, IHS Markit – Global Outlook on Machinery Production and Industrial Automation Capital Expenditure
  • Alex Chausovsky, ITR Economics – Energy and Metals Commodities Outlook 

Studies showed that in 2016 the U.S. was responsible for 24.7% of the GDP, up slightly from the previous year. China was next with 14.9%. Some experts are cautious with their growth forecasts due to:

  • China’s growth leveling out after it’s “mini-boom”
  • NAFTA and International trade
  • Dwindling excitement over low oil price
  • Little economic growth in our market-based economy
  • Trump’s stimulus likely to be later and smaller than expected
  • Effects of BREXIT which are starting to be felt

Though there is concern, some experts think good days are ahead because:

  • Consumers are in great shape
  • Interest rates are good
  • Unemployment continues to decline
  • Banks are lending
  • Retail sales are at a record high
  • Housing starts are up

Overall the 2017 IEOC was an inspirational presentation on technology and innovations that are taking place all around. In a nutshell, we can anticipate modest growth in 2018 with a decline in 2019.

Click here for copies of speaker’s presentations.


NFPA Announces Completion of 2017 Technology Roadmap

During the conference, NFPA announced the completion of the 2017 Technology Roadmap. It is the second publication of the NFPA Roadmap Committee – titled the 2017 NFPA Technology Roadmap: Improving the Design and Function of Fluid Power Components and Systems.

Unlike previous reports, the 2017 NFPA Technology Roadmap focuses solely on the areas of precompetitive research needed to increase fluid power’s competitive position in the marketplace and does not propose a specific agenda for fluid power standards development or market education.

Click here for a copy of the 2017 NFPA Technology Roadmap.

Daman’s Q3 Company Meeting

“Make Hay While the Sun Shines” 

That’s what VP of Sales Gordon Weiler proclaims at the Q3 company-wide meeting.  To make hay while the sun shines means to take advantage of the conditions while the conditions are good.  That’s what we’re doing here at Daman:  taking action in the field, continually evolving our offerings, and optimistically harvesting opportunities to serve our customers.  Analysis of our market segment reports revealed promising outcomes for the last two quarters, and we’re keeping our faces to the sun.


In an up market, it’s easy to think we’re doing ok.  “If a gazelle could think, he would wonder whether he would eat today, or be eaten.  And so it goes with us.  If we are going to live to fight another day, we’ve got to continue to be on top of our game.  Our competitors are not going to step aside for us” says Larry Davis, CEO.  As we make choices throughout the work day, think about the collective effort it takes to excel in our markets.  We must not grow complacent from our triumphs, but rather set new goals and continue striving for excellence and quality.  Our customers expect this from us, but first, we must expect this from ourselves.

According to the president Dave Mischler, Daman is experiencing steady growth, while maintaining delivery lead times.  “Our available machine capacity is significant, and we’ve made improvements to our design process that will increase our design capacity.  Several initiatives are in process to improve the training and development of our manufacturing group to support continued growth”.  He continues to mention how low employee turnover is helping us stay on task and meet our customers’ needs.

 In other news…

internsQuality Manager, Neil Henderson, welcomed summer interns Dylan Sajdak and Dane Davis, who’ve been helping to convert operational SOP’s from written form to video, using a cloud-based software called Dozuki.  The conversion allows advanced training to meet the needs of audio-visual learners and to ensure maximum comprehension during employee training.

Krysten Shoulders, HR director, announces the need to hire ten additional employees for 2nd and 3rd shifts.  Current employees can receive referral bonuses for people they recruit.   In the last quarter, 37 employees achieved perfect attendance and nine excellent.  Daman incentivizes attendance with a quarterly reward.   For more information on job openings, visit our Career Page.

Service Awards

Daman recognized six employees for their years of service:  Gordon Weiler, 30 Years, Jim Britton, 25 Years, Mike Linsky, 20 Years, Garold Kendall, 20 Years, Brandon Lubelski, 5 Years, and Brandon Hoggatt, 5 Years.  Wow!  Thank you all for your dedication and hard work over the years!







Corporate Wellness Programs

Guest speaker, Cathy Jarvis of Activate Healthcare presents on their corporate wellness programs.  The management team served as pilots of the program and reported to have had a positive experience.  The program provides employees additional access to preventative care, primary care, disease and chronic condition management, and after-hours care; with no copayments or cost to employees.  The clinic can run most lab tests, in addition to stocking and dispensing about 50 common generic prescription drugs with no cost.  Employees are being surveyed to see if they would benefit from and use the service.

That’s what we’re up to these days.  Until next time!


Cautious Optimism in the Oil and Gas Industry

Attendance at the 2017 Offshore Technology Conference was down from previous years. Deep-water drillers, who have not yet felt the budding onshore recovery, stayed away from the industry’s largest convention.  Only 65,000 people walked the exhibit halls at NRG Park in Texas compared to the 108,000 individuals who attended in 2014 when oil prices passed $100 a barrel.

After suffering through the worst downturn in more than three decades, the oil and gas industry is embarking on “a new cycle of expansion” as companies send dozens of new rigs into Texas oil fields, drill hundreds more wells, and hire thousands of workers.

Photo from Worldoil.com

Photo from Worldoil.com

Ryan Zinke, Secretary of Interior, was the keynote speaker for Offshore Energy Policies: Harnessing the Full Potential of America’s Offshore at OTC. During the conference, Zinke signed two secretarial orders aimed at unleashing America’s offshore energy potential and growing the U.S. economy.

The first order implements President Trump’s Executive Order signed April 28th and directs the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) to develop a new five-year plan for oil and gas exploration in offshore waters and reconsider a number of regulations governing those activities.

The second order establishes a new position – Counselor to the Secretary for Energy Policy – to coordinate the Interior Department’s energy portfolio that spans nine of the Department’s ten bureaus.

“Today’s orders will help cement our Nation’s position as a global energy leader and foster energy independence and security for the benefit of the American people while ensuring that this development is safe and environmentally responsible,” Secretary Zinke told industry representatives. “We are committed to fuller cooperation with the offshore industry and coastal communities to expand responsible energy development while holding industry accountable to strict safety and environmental protections.”

The general attitude about the oil and gas economy thus far is cautious optimism. ”2017 is going to be a year of recovery and expansion in the Texas statewide oil and gas exploration and production economy,” says Karr Ingram, economist.