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Doing Our Part for the Environment

When it comes to solving problems at Daman, it is an important part of our culture to analyze situations, research solutions, and then choose the most cost-effective response that makes the most sense. Such was the case with our water filtration system.

Steven Ward, the Maintenance Leader at Daman, along with Sandhill Environmental Services and PRAB collaborated on a custom-made wastewater filtration system that prevents pollutants from entering the water supply. Our Ultrafiltration System by PRAB utilizes six tanks and is capable of processing up to 500 gallons of cleaned water each day which is then safe to discharge into the city sewer.

The 3000-gallon filtration system removes oil from water far below the EPA requirements of 100mg per liter. “As stewards of our environmental health and safety, it is our goal to do better than what the EPA mandates,” said Steven Ward.

WWT picture 2017

Noel Zamora (left) and Steve Ward (right) standing in the wastewater Ultrafiltration System area

How it Works

Ultrafiltration is very much like reverse osmosis. It separates dissolved molecules in a solution by size. Molecules larger than the membrane pore size rating will be retained at the surface of the membrane.

In Daman’s case, the system was designed to remove tramp oil contamination—a natural byproduct of lubricating systems within machines—from wastewater. The filtration system reduces oily water volumes by as much as 98% without the use of chemical additives.




Environmental Stewards

As environmental stewards, developing prudent and sustainable business practices is imperative. At Daman, we are dedicated to finding impactful, effective solutions for our environment because we realize that the choices we make today will impact the health of our future.

Professional Development Equals Success

At Daman, professional development is integral to our success. By continuously educating ourselves, we are able to answer questions and offer the best solutions to our customers. Each year, our sales team is required to complete a course toward their professional development. The course taken is up to the individual as long as it relates to their position and the fluid power industry.

“The more I know, the better I can serve my customers,” said Luke Pietrucha, Account Manager for the Eastern Region. In October, he took an Advanced Hydraulics & System Improvement course offered by Applied Motion Technologies, Inc.

While the five-day course was very technical in nature, it helped Luke have a better understanding of reliable methods of hydraulic circuit design. It also focused on the efficient use of fluid power and potential design problems and pitfalls that can lead to expensive modifications or systems that cannot perform as required.

At Daman, we are committed to finding ways to improve our performance across all areas of our business. Because the more we know, the better we can provide exceptional service to our customers.

Improving and Enhancing An Obsolete System

Over 20 years ago, Daman adopted lean manufacturing principals and a culture of continuous improvement. Since then we’ve made strides throughout the company to eliminate waste and streamline the way we do things.

On the manufacturing floor, custom bins were designed to reduce clutter, and in HR a color-coded filing system was implemented to make information easier to find. Our most recent accomplishment was tackled by Josh Curcio, an intern for the IT department.

His challenge was to take a stagnant app written in Excel VisualBasic and rewrite the code in Salesforce Apex language merging multiple databases into a single robust data source for the sales team. Inconsistent customer information and duplicate entries are a thing of the past. Accurate information is now easily accessible through Quote Forms!

Quote Form’s flexibility allows our sales team to analyze data, generate reports, email verification forms, and provide customers with relevant information such as how much they spend per manifold.

When David Jaeckel, our IT Director, mentioned the customized solution to his Salesforce rep, the rep asked for a preview. He was extremely impressed stating that it was the best quoting system he’s ever seen—none of their out of the box options could even touch it.

It was a nice compliment, but even more so it is another testament to how our extraordinary people spread their wings and thrive in our unique environment. To learn more about Daman’s commitment to continuous improvement, browse through our white paper, “Journey into Continuous Innovation,” or call us at 800-959-7841 to schedule a private tour of our facility.

A Day of Leadership Adventures

At Daman, we believe that a company’s success relies on multiple personalities being able to work together, communicate effectively, and solve problems quickly. It’s why we invest a lot of time and energy into educational programs and leadership events that help our employees grow.

Last month our leadership team spent the morning at LEAD USA where they learned the “4 Essentials Required to Build Stronger Teams” from some of the best business and thought leaders in the country. They were inspired by a powerful lineup of speakers including world-renowned Eric Thomas, PhD., a.k.a. “ET The Hip Hop Preacher.”

After the event, the Daman team accepted the “Locked Up Live” challenge. This Escape Room Experience is a team building exercise designed to increase productivity, improve communication, keep employees motivated and develop problem-solving skills.

The team was divided into two groups and then locked in themed “Escape Rooms.” They had 60 minutes to solve a series of puzzles and clues using only their combined brain power, teamwork, and cooperation to get out. Did they do it?  Did they escape? Guess you will have to ask them!

Train the Trainer

Everyone learns in their own unique way—whether it be visually, verbally, or physically—which is why Daman created an interactive program called Train the Trainer. The idea behind the program is to emphasize and teach the differences in how people learn. This will allow anyone training another person to identify personality styles, make them aware of their own learning styles, and realize how this influences their training style.

All of this together results in a more efficient, consistent, and less stressful training process to maximize the results. “We are teaching everyone to be better trainers which will also result in them being better trainees,” said Thom Sibley, Production Team Leader at Daman. The production team will be the first group to receive the training, with plans to utilize it throughout the company.

The first phase of the training includes a Q&A to help identify:

  • Differences between adult learners and children
  • Barriers to learning
  • 6 distinct characteristics of adult learners
  • 4 components of training
  • Learning methods of different people

The second phase of the training uses Myers-Briggs indicators to identify personality styles and helps develop communication strategies which include:

  • Straight talk
  • Maintaining your cool
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Listening

To conclude the training, Daman reviews their Training to Achieve Goals (TAG) program and how the system is structured to accommodate the different learning styles. Ultimately, Train the Trainer teaches the learning styles of others and how to work effectively together. But just as important, it teaches the trainer about himself, which builds a better trainer.