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HIC Custom Manifold achieves 11% cost savings and eliminates 39 hydraulic leak points Daman Products proves that 21st-century design and manufacturing efficiencies make it easier than ever to source one-piece Hydraulic Integrated Circuit (HIC) Custom Manifold solutions that reduce costs and leak points. Today’s fluid power standard solutions can be designed as custom engineered solutions […]

Daman Products was not born with a lean mentality. We have had to make major changes to get where we are today. Read on to learn more about how we’ve applied lean thinking and the principles of natural systems to develop a culture of continuous improvement at Daman Products. Download White Paper

Announcing the release of the white paper on the MSOE (Milwaukee School of Engineering) Study titled “Pressure Ratings and Design Guidelines for Continuous Cast Ductile Iron in Hydraulic Applications”. This paper has been submitted by Bob O’Rourke, Met. Eng. - Product Engineering Manager of Dura-Bar and Gordon Weiler - National Sales Manager of Daman Products Company, Inc. On March […]

Building a sustainable R&D roadmap for continuous innovation: Product innovation in a continuous improvement environment demands a disciplined approach and a long view of success. Daman Products Company is cultivating employee leadership as part of its R&D efforts to sustain growth for decades to come. This paper looks at how the company’s R&D journey promises […]

Daman defines its quality assurance program from a perspective of a continuously improving company in this “Quality Matters” white paper. Nearly 15 years into its continuous improvement journey, Daman has imbedded a quality system with a footprint that stretches throughout the organization. This paper discusses how a totally integrated focus on quality propels Daman’s excellence […]

Daman’s second white paper, WinWork: Synchronized workflow results in success for Daman’s customers, chronicles the company’s journey from a task-oriented business model to a relationship-oriented work environment. Its self-defined WinWork program provides the tools and internal systems necessary to ensure the success of its customers. Read how WinWork has been the foundation for a revolutionary […]

As part of Daman’s ongoing quest to influence the state of education, Larry Davis visited the original installation of the New Technology High School model in Napa, California. The following letters are links to his initial thoughts in support of this model. Download New Technology Model White Paper