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WinWork: Synchronized


Daman’s second white paper, WinWork: Synchronized workflow results in success for Daman’s customers, chronicles the company’s journey from a task-oriented business model to a relationship-oriented work environment. Its self-defined WinWork program provides the tools and internal systems necessary to ensure the success of its customers. Read how WinWork has been the foundation for a revolutionary culture change that focuses on each employee’s commitment to provide superior customer service that puts customer’s success first. It is a bedrock commitment based on the corporate values of honesty, trust, fairness, respect and courage.

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Harvesting The Energy of Leadership and Innovation within Our Education System


Harvesting the energy of leadership and innovation within our education system is the first in a series of white papers. The six-page paper puts our current education system under the microscope and proposes a revolutionary curriculum that focuses on a skill set not found naturally in our schools, family units, or traditional business models. It’s a thoughtful pondering of the way we could improve the system if we’re willing to unpack and repack the education process.

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