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New Daman White Paper: What Business School Won’t Teach You about Manufacturing

For many, having a business degree is still worth the cost of admission. However, it is important for them to remember that there are many crucial process and leadership lessons that business schools simply don’t teach.

At Daman, we are well aware of this education gap. Nothing in our culture or education prepared us for our changed way of operating our business. Yet, we had to be open to dissolving time-honored thoughts about business and most of our formal business education.

For many years after our founding, we struggled to develop the best business model for our company. Though we were not born with a lean, continuous improvement mentality, our embracing continuous improvement methodologies allowed us to make major changes and reconsider many of the old ways of doing business.   Read more.










DON’T MISS THIS IFPE FEATURE PRESENTATION: New White Paper on Pressure Ratings and Design Guidelines for Continuous Cast Ductile Iron in Hydraulic Applications

Announcing the release of the white paper on the MSOE (Milwaukee School of Engineering) Study titled “Pressure Ratings and Design Guidelines for Continuous Cast Ductile Iron in Hydraulic Applications”.

This paper has been submitted by Bob O’Rourke, Met. Eng. - Product Engineering Manager of Dura-Bar and Gordon Weiler - National Sales Manager of Daman Products Company, Inc.

On March 4-8, 2014, this collaboration with Dura-Bar, Daman Products and MSOE will be featured at the IFPE 2014 Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.  On March 7th, O’Rourke and Weiler will co-present the highlights discovered during this study.

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The methods for determining pressure ratings in components within a hydraulic circuit are defined by NFPA standard T2.6.1, R1-1991. This standard requires 2 separate tests: A burst test to determine the ultimate allowable stress and an impulse test to validate the fatigue strength of a component under cyclical loading.

In this study, the pressure rating for continuously cast ductile iron bar stock was determined using the guidelines established in T2.6.1 utilizing test manifold blocks consisting of two drilled ports, one under hydraulic pressure and the other open to the

This report contains the results of the pressure rating validation and plotting of the fatigue data for 1045 plain carbon hot rolled steel and ASTM A536 grade 65-45-12  continuous cast ductile iron.

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Building a Sustainable R&D Roadmap for Continuous Innovation


Building a sustainable R&D roadmap for continuous innovation: Product innovation in a continuous improvement environment demands a disciplined approach and a long view of success. Daman Products Company is cultivating employee leadership as part of its R&D efforts to sustain growth for decades to come. This paper looks at how the company’s R&D journey promises discovery, growth and forward movement. It also identifies essential rules of the road for any R&D initiative within a culture of continuous improvement.

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Quality Matters


Daman defines its quality assurance program from a perspective of a continuously improving company in this “Quality Matters” white paper. Nearly 15 years into its continuous improvement journey, Daman has imbedded a quality system with a footprint that stretches throughout the organization. This paper discusses how a totally integrated focus on quality propels Daman’s excellence in productivity and satisfaction – with its customers, as well as its employees. The paper also looks at how sustainable, positive change occurs only with a relentless focus on continuous improvement.

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