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Improving and Enhancing An Obsolete System

Over 20 years ago, Daman adopted lean manufacturing principals and a culture of continuous improvement. Since then we’ve made strides throughout the company to eliminate waste and streamline the way we do things.

On the manufacturing floor, custom bins were designed to reduce clutter, and in HR a color-coded filing system was implemented to make information easier to find. Our most recent accomplishment was tackled by Josh Curcio, an intern for the IT department.

His challenge was to take a stagnant app written in Excel VisualBasic and rewrite the code in Salesforce Apex language merging multiple databases into a single robust data source for the sales team. Inconsistent customer information and duplicate entries are a thing of the past. Accurate information is now easily accessible through Quote Forms!

Quote Form’s flexibility allows our sales team to analyze data, generate reports, email verification forms, and provide customers with relevant information such as how much they spend per manifold.

When David Jaeckel, our IT Director, mentioned the customized solution to his Salesforce rep, the rep asked for a preview. He was extremely impressed stating that it was the best quoting system he’s ever seen—none of their out of the box options could even touch it.

It was a nice compliment, but even more so it is another testament to how our extraordinary people spread their wings and thrive in our unique environment. To learn more about Daman’s commitment to continuous improvement, browse through our white paper, “Journey into Continuous Innovation,” or call us at 800-959-7841 to schedule a private tour of our facility.

Flexible Standard Manifold Solution

When you need an efficient and flexible standard manifold solution, Daman FlexMount offers D03 and D05 solutions that are perfect for:

  • Vertical Mounting
  • Through-bolt Mounting
  • Tank Mounting (with a flange plate or gasket)
  • Ideal for applications that:
  • Dont’ need the mounting kit
  • Narrow spacing (that don’t need 2.125 {D03})
  • Different size gage port -4
  • Don’t need the gate port
  • Where parts can be smaller

Contact our distribution services team.


See our DO3 FlexMount Manifolds

See our DO5 FlexMount Manifolds

Daman’s Q3 Company Meeting

“Make Hay While the Sun Shines” 

That’s what VP of Sales Gordon Weiler proclaims at the Q3 company-wide meeting.  To make hay while the sun shines means to take advantage of the conditions while the conditions are good.  That’s what we’re doing here at Daman:  taking action in the field, continually evolving our offerings, and optimistically harvesting opportunities to serve our customers.  Analysis of our market segment reports revealed promising outcomes for the last two quarters, and we’re keeping our faces to the sun.


In an up market, it’s easy to think we’re doing ok.  “If a gazelle could think, he would wonder whether he would eat today, or be eaten.  And so it goes with us.  If we are going to live to fight another day, we’ve got to continue to be on top of our game.  Our competitors are not going to step aside for us” says Larry Davis, CEO.  As we make choices throughout the work day, think about the collective effort it takes to excel in our markets.  We must not grow complacent from our triumphs, but rather set new goals and continue striving for excellence and quality.  Our customers expect this from us, but first, we must expect this from ourselves.

According to the president Dave Mischler, Daman is experiencing steady growth, while maintaining delivery lead times.  “Our available machine capacity is significant, and we’ve made improvements to our design process that will increase our design capacity.  Several initiatives are in process to improve the training and development of our manufacturing group to support continued growth”.  He continues to mention how low employee turnover is helping us stay on task and meet our customers’ needs.

 In other news…

internsQuality Manager, Neil Henderson, welcomed summer interns Dylan Sajdak and Dane Davis, who’ve been helping to convert operational SOP’s from written form to video, using a cloud-based software called Dozuki.  The conversion allows advanced training to meet the needs of audio-visual learners and to ensure maximum comprehension during employee training.

Krysten Shoulders, HR director, announces the need to hire ten additional employees for 2nd and 3rd shifts.  Current employees can receive referral bonuses for people they recruit.   In the last quarter, 37 employees achieved perfect attendance and nine excellent.  Daman incentivizes attendance with a quarterly reward.   For more information on job openings, visit our Career Page.

Service Awards

Daman recognized six employees for their years of service:  Gordon Weiler, 30 Years, Jim Britton, 25 Years, Mike Linsky, 20 Years, Garold Kendall, 20 Years, Brandon Lubelski, 5 Years, and Brandon Hoggatt, 5 Years.  Wow!  Thank you all for your dedication and hard work over the years!







Corporate Wellness Programs

Guest speaker, Cathy Jarvis of Activate Healthcare presents on their corporate wellness programs.  The management team served as pilots of the program and reported to have had a positive experience.  The program provides employees additional access to preventative care, primary care, disease and chronic condition management, and after-hours care; with no copayments or cost to employees.  The clinic can run most lab tests, in addition to stocking and dispensing about 50 common generic prescription drugs with no cost.  Employees are being surveyed to see if they would benefit from and use the service.

That’s what we’re up to these days.  Until next time!


Preventing Violence in the Workplace

One in four Americans admits to being a victim of bullying as an adult (Veraquest 2014).  Did you know that adult bullying predominates in the workplace compared to other environments?  Violence in the workplace is not limited to physical abuse, it can also be psychological, verbal, or emotional.  We’ll look at some types of violence, the warning signs, and how to prevent and deal with this growing workplace epidemic.

Violence in workplace






Image:  Veraquest (2014)


Bullying is the most prevalent form of violence in the workplace and encompasses social undermining, belittling, and personal attacks.  Bullies use these tactics to achieve a false sense of power.

While adult bullying is not a new concept, it has become a fervent topic among employers, as workplace crimes and violence continue to rise.

Other forms of bullying, which can lead to violent behavior, include humiliation, intimidation, ostracism, hazing, political slandering, and cyber bullying.

Exclusion is a more subtle form of bullying and is the act of intentionally isolating individuals from the team.  Minimization occurs when the perpetrator discounts others or their work and unfairly diminishes someone else’s views or concerns.  Perpetrators may also create conflict intentionally, be deceptive, or give unreasonable criticism to coworkers.

So, how do employers know when or if it is appropriate to take action?


People who have tendencies toward violence may display these warning signs and common traits:

  • Paranoia
  • Outbursts of anger
  • Severe mood swings
  • Resistance to company policy
  • Increased use of drugs and alcohol
  • Poor hygiene or decreased personal appearance

(Gibson, 2017)

Other signs to watch for include increased absences, depression, withdrawal, talk of suicide, or threats of bodily harm against others.  If an employee is concerned about a co-worker’s behavior, he or she should communicate the concern to the appropriate person, whether that’s the human resources manager or the supervisor.


Employers need to address the issues as they become known to prevent escalation of the unwelcomed behavior.  Implement programs and policies to inform employees of behavioral expectations, and create programs that encourage positive ways to deal with violence.  Communication is critical in helping employees shift their behaviors to ensure security and well-being in the workplace.

circleL.E.A.P.S. is a communication method that represents listening, empathizing, asking, paraphrasing, and summarizing.  Listening to an employee’s grievances is critical to understand how to help him or her.  Whether this person is the perpetrator or the target, empathy is essential.  People want to feel understood.  Paraphrasing can help with fact-finding and clarity of the issue.  And finally, summarizing the incident in a concise, inarguable statement can help employers determine the next steps for resolution.

Given the growing concern about violence and bullying in the workplace, companies are adopting workplace violence prevention programs, which include a prevention policy, a violence response plan, and an Employee Assistance Program (EAP).  These tools can help employers navigate the uncertainty of workplace violence.   The goals are to make sure employees feel safe at work, can openly communicate concerns to management, and can get the help they need when they are faced with challenges in the workplace.

Daman offers its employees an EAP, in addition to on-site health and wellness programs.  These programs are put in motion by Human Resources (HR), the Better Living Committee (BLC), the Emergency Response Team (ERT) and the Daman Products Athletic Association (DPAA).  Next month we’ll feature these groups and how they work together to implement wellness programs at Daman.

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