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We’ve Got You Covered

Daman has account reps strategically placed throughout the United States and Western Canada for our customers’ convenience; because when you have a question, we want to be there to answer it.

Meet the Team

Weiler_Gordon24Gordon Weiler – Vice President Sales / 574.252.4913

With almost 30 years of industry experience, Gordon has significant sales and market strategy experience, including 12 years as National Sales Manager where his contributions led to the growth of national standard and custom manifold sales. He will answer any question you have about hydraulic manifolds and related products.

todd-crockerTodd Crocker Midwest Region – Account Manager / 574.315.5258

Todd has been working at Daman since 2010 after attending Valparaiso University. His strengths are in low-quantity, high-difficulty custom manifolds. Before accepting the Midwest Region Account Manager position, Todd worked in Sales Development doing custom quoting and machine programming. Contact Todd to see how he can help you win work in your markets.

Stevie_Treece4Stevie Treece – Southwest Region Account Manager / 773.255.5333

Former Midwest Region Account Manager, Stevie Treece, is relocating to Austin, TX to support Daman’s Southwest Region customers. She states, “I appreciate and enjoyed the experiences of my time in the Midwest and look forward to the challenges of the Southwest”. With over 15 years of experience, Treece offers a wealth of knowledge in sales and strategic marketing. She has been a Daman team member since 2016. Contact her for more info on how she can assist you and your markets.

Lue PietruchaLuke Pietrucha – East Region Account Manager / 574.514.6794

Luke Pietrucha began with Daman in 2013 and continues to support the East Region. Luke is excellent at facilitating progress and can offer valuable insight on your custom manifold projects. If you are interested in learning more, want to team up, or have questions related to our products or services, Luke can help.

Scott-LindahlScott Lindahl – West Canada Account Manager / 780.490.8855

Scott Lindahl has been part of the hydraulic world for over 20 years where he has successfully fostered relationships with manufacturers. He was brought onboard in 2016 to support our customer to the north.  Contact Scott for your fluid power needs.

Daman Goes Beyond Manifolds with Cavity Bodies

Coming soon, Daman will be adding 6,250 part numbers to our new Cavity Body Line!

Looking for Availability of Valve Setting and Small Circuit Solutions?

Because of our extensive investment in cavity tooling and inspection equipment, we can provide our customers with high-quality small circuit solutions and solutions for setting valves that are not readily available elsewhere. Our decades of experience help us to repeatedly meet the close tolerances required in cartridge valve body components.

About The New Product Line

Our comprehensive, new cavity body line is comprised of 37 different cavity sizes which include nine common cavity sizes from C-8-2 through C-16-3 along with 28 of the most popular sizes from Sun, each having the following five port types available:

ISO 6149

  • Three to five different port size options will be offered for each port type.
  • Our entire line can be manufactured in aluminum or ductile iron, with or without gauge ports, with or without surface coatings— clear or black anodize for aluminum and electroless nickel for ductile.
  • Each part will have two through mounting holes and ship with two bolts.
  • For our customer’s convenience, our new cavity bodies can face left or right while still being able to read the part number when mounted.

Daman’s goal is to create value and convenience whenever we can. In this current market of extended lead times, we are making the effort to be part of the solution.

For decades Daman Products’ standard line has focused on serving the surface-mounted valve market with quality and service leadership. Today, we are proud to announce that we are bringing that same service and quality leadership to the cartridge valve cavity body market.

Stay tuned for the announcement of our release date, catalog pages, order information and pricing!

For more information, contact us at


Professional Development Equals Success

At Daman, professional development is integral to our success. By continuously educating ourselves, we are able to answer questions and offer the best solutions to our customers. Each year, our sales team is required to complete a course toward their professional development. The course taken is up to the individual as long as it relates to their position and the fluid power industry.

“The more I know, the better I can serve my customers,” said Luke Pietrucha, Account Manager for the Eastern Region. In October, he took an Advanced Hydraulics & System Improvement course offered by Applied Motion Technologies, Inc.

While the five-day course was very technical in nature, it helped Luke have a better understanding of reliable methods of hydraulic circuit design. It also focused on the efficient use of fluid power and potential design problems and pitfalls that can lead to expensive modifications or systems that cannot perform as required.

At Daman, we are committed to finding ways to improve our performance across all areas of our business. Because the more we know, the better we can provide exceptional service to our customers.

Fall Festivities at Daman

Daman employees, their families, and friends celebrate the autumn season together during a week full of activities including a chili cook-off, pumpkin carving contest, and an outing to the Niles Scream Park!

Congratulations to all of our winners this week!

Pumpkin Carving Contest

Screen Shot 2017-11-08 at 10.30.52 AM1st Place – Matt Bickel Screen Shot 2017-11-08 at 10.30.59 AM2nd Place – Krysten Shoulders Screen Shot 2017-11-08 at 10.31.07 AM3rd Place – Andy Mendez

Chili Cook-Off Winners

Screen Shot 2017-11-08 at 10.31.15 AM

1st Place, 1St Shift – John Cook
Runner Up – Stephanie Senour
1st Place, 2nd Shift- Terri Scaife
Runner Up – Andy Mendez
1st Place, 3rd Shift- Ryan Riddle
Runner Up – Cory Tavernier


Guessing Game Winners

Screen Shot 2017-11-08 at 10.31.23 AM

Nerds Candy – Julie Alexander
Butterfingers – John Childress
Gobstoppers Candy – Gary Savage
Tootsie Rolls & Goldfish – Kelly Rock
Money Jar – James McIntyre




Thanks to all who participated in the Fall Festivities!

What You Do Is All Around You

Company Meeting Brief

October 2017

Matt Giloth, Distributor Services Manager, assures employees that the work they are doing is making a positive impact.  He remarks, “What you do is all around you” while presenting a sample of our products that are woven into hydraulic power unit applications around the nation, and across multiple industries including railroad, agriculture, and sub-sea.  “There’s a greater sense of ownership and meaning in your work when you can see the end result, and how it helps solve problems in the industry.”  Looking at the big picture and purpose in what we do each day can help employees engage more deeply in their work.

A Creative Endeavor

Daman’s Creative Team, a group of individuals within the company who research and plan revenue growth ideas, announces a new communication process for sharing updates on current projects in the stage-gate pipeline with all of its employees.  Krysten Shoulders, HR Director, will be handling the internal communications.  She says, “We strive for idea-sharing across all areas within Daman, so openly communicating these project updates company-wide can help us move toward our goals and give everyone the opportunity to see how we are proactively preparing for our future.  Our hope is that through the sharing of updates we may gather more ideas from people who are not on the Creative Team or customer-facing.”

Executive Summaries

Dave Mischler, President, reports that orders are up 13% from this time last year, and in line with our steady growth projection of 10% for 2017, a significant improvement over 2015 and 2016.  Our focus continues to be on quality, along with heavy on-going training for our workforce to prepare for growth in the years to come.  “The procedures in place work; we just need everyone to follow them, and if needed, ask for help.”  Enhancements to processes and communications will help us stay on track with our 2018 goals for continuous improvement.  Next year looks to be another growth year, and budgets and project improvement plans are underway.

Gordon Weiler, Vice President of Sales, gives an update on the activity in our respective markets where railroad and power generation are down, but metals, material handling, and construction are on the rise.  Confirmation of recent market trends came in after attending the NFPA Industry and Economic Outlook Conference.  Current data on the fluid power industry from the IEOC suggests slow growth for the next 12 months, with a small dip at the end of 2018 into 2019.  For Daman, “Our value proposition rests on what each of us do with our time each day”, says Weiler, who is working closely with our customers to help scope opportunities to serve them.

Service Awards and Employee Recognition


Five employees received awards for their years of service including Joe Verslype, 30 years; Bobby Hunt, 30 years; Thom Sibley, 20 years; Jane Long, 15 years; and Keith True, 15 years.  Wow!  That totals 110 years of service from only five people!

Thank you for your dedication!