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Daman is your source for integrated valve solutions with hydraulic testing At Daman, we are constantly looking for ways to improve the services we offer to our customers.  Almost a year ago, we were able to reduce supply chain delays with our integrated valve solutions by sourcing valves directly from the manufacturer and completing the […]

Coming soon, Daman will be adding 6,250 part numbers to our new Cavity Body Line! Looking for Availability of Valve Setting and Small Circuit Solutions? Because of our extensive investment in cavity tooling and inspection equipment, we can provide our customers with high-quality small circuit solutions and solutions for setting valves that are not readily […]

Daman’s Flexible Standard Manifold Solution When you need an efficient and flexible standard manifold solution, Daman FlexMount offers D03 and D05 solutions that are perfect for: Vertical mounting Through-bolt mounting Tank mounting (with a flange plate or gasket) Other applications: That don’t need the Daman mounting kit With narrow spacing (that don’t need 2.125 {D03}) With […]

In the early 90′s, PARO rolled out an innovative software package—HydroMan— that was years in the making. Their powerful hydraulic manifold software revolutionized the way manifolds are designed today. PARO was looking for simplicity, reliability, and effectiveness, making designs a snap compared to the weeks and numerous revisions it took to complete a hand drawn […]

Everyone wants to protect their assets and it’s important to Daman that our customers’ packages show up on-time and in-shape.  Product protection starts with proper packaging.  A thorough evaluation of our packaging processes and materials stoked action to improve our system starting this New Year. Our goal is to improve the integrity of our packages […]

Aluminum and ductile iron have been the standard in the manifold world for years, but stainless steel is quickly becoming more common in the hydraulic manifold industry. Its strength, durability, and excellent corrosion resistance make it the optimal choice for certain applications such as subsea, mining, and corrosive environments. Other applications include oil and gas, washdown, semiconductor, […]

A Cultural Conversion 1997 was a year of tremendous change at Daman. Construction was beginning on their new 45,000+ square-foot headquarters and manufacturing plant in the 1800 block of Home Street. At the same time, knowing there was a drastic need to change the way they were doing business, the executive team took a giant […]

Armed with only a high school education, a sharp engineering mind and a desire to build a better product, Jack Davis, a man with no manufacturing experience, embarked on a business venture that would eventually become a leading hydraulic valve manifold company and an inspirational model for other manufacturing companies throughout the U.S. While working […]

If you have a need for custom corrosion-resistant integrated packages for demanding applications, Daman stainless manifolds with Sun stainless valves is your solution. For your hydraulic circuit, Daman can design, build, assemble valves and drop-ship your complete stainless steel solutions. In collaboration with Sun Hydraulics we will take care of all the details. Contact Customer […]

Daman’s recent implementation of new equipment is complete and more capacity is now available to schedule additional manifold manufacturing. The main drivers for this expansion was increased custom manifold sales being higher than predicted and taking the opportunity to optimize cell utilization and productivity. If customers need more of any part that Daman has ever […]

We are proud to report that our core manifold product prices for 2015 will remain the same as 2014. Additionally, we have added 150 part numbers to our stocking program for same-day service. A thorough cost analysis of every part number did reveal that some low volume, supporting products needed adjustment. Less than 10% of […]