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Surface Treatments for Daman Manifolds

There are many benefits of applying a surface finish treatment to your manifold such as improved appearance, corrosion resistance, improved paint adhesion, and increased surface hardness. The type of material, its application, and the purpose for the coating are used to determine the proper treatment for your part. In this video, Daman describes the different applications and highlights the process of anodize and electroless nickel surface treatments.

Surface treatments for hydraulic manifolds

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Continuous Improvement at Daman

In 1997, Daman embraced the concept of lean manufacturing and continuous improvement. The journey has helped us to establish a systematic approach to eliminating waste, streamlining processes, increasing efficiencies and creating flow throughout the company. Today, continuous improvement is part of our DNA. This video captures some of the latest improvements made by our innovative cell teams.



How the Daman Trigger System Works

Daman announces part two of a three part video series about the Daman Trigger System. This video describes the streamlined process that allows Daman to ship your custom manifold in 24-hours. Complex order fulfillment is replaced with a simplified pull methodology which electronically triggers replenishment based on actual customer usage. Follow our  two-step process outlined in this video to get started with the Daman Trigger System—a delivery system that we’ve been perfecting for more than two decades.

How the Daman Trigger System Works

Daman Culture Feature in Gemba Academy Series


logo_gembaGemba Academy hit the road and traveled to Mishawaka, Indiana to visit the team at Daman Products.

This 30-video series takes you to school about all aspects of the Daman culture and processes including lean manufacturing, 5S, work cells, teamwork, management styles, sales, employee engagement, continuous improvement, customer focus, people development and much more.

Daman Products has been committed to building both product and people excellence for over three decades. During this series, you’ll meet some outstanding individuals as the host Ron Pereira explores the entire facility, including the factory floor and front offices, and discovers an incredibly powerful “culture of trust.”

These videos are part of Gemba Academy’s Gemba Live! series, which is included with subscriptions to the School of Lean and School of Six Sigma.

These videos are available for you to view and Daman will further feature these topics in upcoming blog articles.

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