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Early next year, Cell E will say goodbye to an older model Mazak vertical machine and say hello to a brand new high-speed Mazak HCN6800. ”We plan to phase out all vertical machines so that we are able to build custom manifolds more efficiently,” said Garold Kendall, production team leader. With the new Mazak, setup time is much faster and […]

It’s been a while since we reminisced about our foray into Lean, a process developed to maximize customer value and minimize waste, so we thought we’d take a step back to review just how far we’ve come. More than two decades ago, Daman’s growing pains were culminating in a state of chaos throughout the company. […]

Last November, multiple teams at Daman—shipping, continuous improvement, and maintenance—worked together to begin the process of reorganizing the shop floor. “We decided to reorganize and relocated shipping closer to receiving which improves the flow of the departments,” said Dave Reed, production support leader at Daman. Part of the process involved cutting a large square hole […]

When it comes to solving problems at Daman, it is an important part of our culture to analyze situations, research solutions, and then choose the most cost-effective response that makes the most sense. Such was the case with our water filtration system. Steven Ward, the Maintenance Leader at Daman, along with Sandhill Environmental Services and […]

Over 20 years ago, Daman adopted lean manufacturing principals and a culture of continuous improvement. Since then we’ve made strides throughout the company to eliminate waste and streamline the way we do things. On the manufacturing floor, custom bins were designed to reduce clutter, and in HR a color-coded filing system was implemented to make […]

Everyone learns in their own unique way—whether it be visually, verbally, or physically—which is why Daman created an interactive program called Train the Trainer. The idea behind the program is to emphasize and teach the differences in how people learn. This will allow anyone training another person to identify personality styles, make them aware of their […]

Work-life balance is a term that is used more today, than any other time in history.  What’s the drive for people to want to seek out work-life balance?   What does it mean? The answer for some is simple.  I want to be happier.  I want to have more control of my emotions and have less […]

Daman recently implemented an Emergency Response Team (ERT) training program to aid in providing a safer workplace for its employees.  ERT’s are trained to provide emergency first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation until an Emergency Medical Service can provide further treatment. Fourteen employees across three shifts volunteered to become trained and certified in AHA Heartsaver CPR/AED […]

Daman’s creative team was recently featured in the Summer 2016 edition of “Target Magazine”. The article “A Creative Team Approach” relates why and how the creative team was formed. It goes on to illustrate the way new product development is initiated and how these ideas progress through a 9-step pipeline where they will either continue […]

Daman’s Continuous Improvement team spends their time interacting with team members working on ways to create new or improved cell stations to maximize the use of current equipment. The tubes being welded in the picture below will be used in Cell C for long drill storage keeping drills of different diameters organized. It is through collaboration that we are able […]

As posted in the prior articles listed below, the Daman Creative Team is the organization’s driving force for product enhancements and new product development.  The team’s process includes surfacing multiple new ideas and tracking each idea through nine sequential stage gates. Three stage gates include a screening step which requires the team to put the […]

In August 2015, Don Buttrey, owner of Sales Professional Training, Inc., based in Ohio, provided an intensive training session for Daman Products’ employees focused on helping them learn the fundamental skills to help everyone be able to sell.  Those present in these one-day sessions were Daman team members representing sales, distributor services, production, IT, quality […]

New Pallet Tech automation now offers Daman the opportunity to safely change large part pallets while maximizing the efficiency of the work envelope.  “Large manifolds provide a great opportunity for continuous improvement efforts. Loading large manifolds into a smaller-scaled machine creates a potentially tedious task that requires greater attention to precision and safety,” says Thom […]

Larry Davis, the president of Daman Products Company Inc, said he’s more likely to find business insight from a literary figure than from one of the business books that can be found on the shelves of libraries and bookstores. That might explain why Davis used a quote from Mark Twain during a presentation outline Daman […]

Pneumatic torque multipliers have taken much of the pressure off production workers at Daman Products Company. A customized, angled nut runner, first installed in August 2011, automatically torques vises used in machining fluid power control parts. More important, the tool replaces a manual operation that had led to a number of repetitive motion injuries. In […]

Quality matters to everyone at Daman Products Company. The footprint of Daman’s quality system stretches from the production floor and distributor services to purchasing, maintenance and information technology. Even human resources and administrative service areas bear responsibility for ensuring quality – of Daman’s products, as well as the way Daman provides value-added service to its […]