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A Spring Forward to Growth

A summary of our company-wide meeting held on April 20th, 2017

Executive Reports

“We are back to growth mode,” states Dave Mischler, President at Daman.  Record low scrap rates, quality rating improvements, and market demand are all driving factors for us to continue advancing.  “We’re ready for this.”

Gordon Weiler, Vice President of Sales, presented on the value of Market Tracking.  It’s taken many strides over the past two years to capture this industry segment intel.  “As a company, to get where we want to be, we must understand where we’ve been.”

Here’s a snapshot of our markets over the past year.

Market Segment

According to Weiler, bookings for 2017 have been encouraging.  The railroad market is set to pick up, and the Oil & Gas industry will be better than expected.

Human Resources

Daman announces an onsite Fast-Track Hiring Event slated for Saturday, May 6th from 8:00 am to 11:00 am.  Our recruiting process includes screening for desired skills, aptitude assessments, interviews, job shadowing and pre-employment drug screening.  We are currently looking to hire 12 people for 2nd and 3rd shift production.  Visit our career site now, or join us at the event May 6th.

Our next Employee Appreciation Cook-Out will be Friday, May 26th, serving up chicken and steak!

Employee Service Awards 

Two employees received service awards:  Bob McIntyre, 20 Years of Service, and James Parmalee, 5 Years of Service.  Thank you for your dedication and years of service!

Service awards

$$$ Attendance Bonuses $$$  

Eight employees received excellent attendance; and 40 perfect.  Great Job!

Daman Products Athletic Association (DPAA)

The Better Living Committee and the DPAA announce upcoming events.

Sunburst Races —The DPAA is sponsoring Daman employees who would like to participate.  Race Day is Saturday, June 3rd.  Proceeds from the Sunburst Races benefit the Child Life Services at Beacon’s Children Hospital.

Food Bank of Northern Indiana—Food Drive!  Donate at Daman.  Barrels should be in place starting May 12th.  The donation drive will go from May 12th thru June 11th.  Please consider donating to this worthy cause.

The DPAA Golf Outing will be at Black Squirrel Golf Course in Goshen on Saturday, June 17th at 8:00 am.

Guest Speakers

Gibson—Daman’s benefits management service, ushered in Nicole Fallowfield to present the results from recent surveys given to all Daman employees.  The surveys are used to assess engagement and satisfaction from the benefits offered at Daman.  The results revealed useful information that Daman can use to make adjustments and understand more clearly the wants and needs of employees.

Highlights of these results are as follows:

  • 61% of employees participate in the Health and Wellness Programs.
  • 77% of employees reported making healthier choices after visiting with OnSite nurse Christy.
  • 79% feel that the base salary at Daman is average or better than compared to others
  • 83% of employees feel valued at work

Overall, 91% of Daman employees recommend Daman as a good place to work, and are pleased with their benefits; but there’s always room for improvement.

Guest speakers, Sandi Pontius and Rachel Brown of the United Way of St. Joseph County, also spoke to employees on several initiatives helping residents of St. Joseph County.  These include VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance), 211, People Gotta Eat, HEAT (Home Energy Assistance Program), and FamilyWize, a free prescription savings card.  Information on these programs can be found at  Daman proudly supports the United Way.

Train the Trainer

Everyone learns in their own unique way—whether it be visually, verbally, or physically—which is why Daman created an interactive program called Train the Trainer. The idea behind the program is to emphasize and teach the differences in how people learn. This will allow anyone training another person to identify personality styles, make them aware of their own learning styles, and realize how this influences their training style.

All of this together results in a more efficient, consistent, and less stressful training process to maximize the results. “We are teaching everyone to be better trainers which will also result in them being better trainees,” said Thom Sibley, Production Team Leader at Daman. The production team will be the first group to receive the training, with plans to utilize it throughout the company.

The first phase of the training includes a Q&A to help identify:

  • Differences between adult learners and children
  • Barriers to learning
  • 6 distinct characteristics of adult learners
  • 4 components of training
  • Learning methods of different people

The second phase of the training uses Myers-Briggs indicators to identify personality styles and helps develop communication strategies which include:

  • Straight talk
  • Maintaining your cool
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Listening

To conclude the training, Daman reviews their Training to Achieve Goals (TAG) program and how the system is structured to accommodate the different learning styles. Ultimately, Train the Trainer teaches the learning styles of others and how to work effectively together. But just as important, it teaches the trainer about himself, which builds a better trainer.

Education is a Priority at Daman

“It’s more important than ever for our youth to be equipped with the knowledge and skills to solve tough problems, gather and evaluate evidence, and make sense of information. These are the types of skills that students learn by studying science, technology, engineering, and math—subjects collectively known as STEM.

Yet today, few American students pursue expertise in STEM fields—and we have an inadequate pipeline of teachers skilled in those subjects,” stated the Department of Education.

Daman is a staunch advocate of improving the education and future of our youth. They are actively involved in many events which stimulate the STEM workforce pipeline.

In March, local students participated in Daman’s 7th Fluid Power Action Challenge Competition, a yearly competition that introduces middle school students to the fluid power industry. The timed competition required teamwork, organization, and innovation to build a working hydraulic or pneumatic machine using only the supplied materials.

Last week, Daman hosted a group of students from St. Joe CEO, a program designed for seniors that covers the basics of conceptualizing, starting, and running a small business. They learned about Daman’s  journey along the LEAN path and their commitment to continuous improvement. Members of the leadership team guided tours of the manufacturing facility. Afterward, a Q&A session with the leadership team ended their day.

Recently, Krysten Shoulders, Daman’s Human Resources Director, was one of the professional Women in STEM who led an interactive breakout session for 120 female students from Penn High School and Mishawaka High School. The event was created to introduce female students to successful women who work in industries that are mostly dominated by males.

Daman believes that one of the most important things they can do for the fluid power industry is to educate our children. Providing opportunities for them to experience real-world, hands-on applications of science and technology is a great start, but there are many other ways to help.  >>Learn More

Daman Benefits and Wellness Fair

On February 15, Daman hosted our third benefits and wellness fair for all employees. This is always a great opportunity for our employees to learn more about the benefits offered at Daman, as well as to ask questions of our vendor partners.

The benefits fair was held in our Founder’s Room on February 15th. We Hosted 16 benefit partners and gave away 11 door prizes to those in attendance.

Daman’s leadership is aware of the many external challenges employees potentially face in their personal lives. Our awareness of these challenges is the main reasons we offer programs like the Onsite Nurse, Financial Peace at Work, benefit plan classes, company gatherings and so on.  We want our team members to know that they are valued for all they bring to Daman. >>SEE PHOTOS

Thank You

We’d like to thank the following vendors for participating: Physicians Urgent Care, TCU, 1st Source, Youth Service Bureau, Guardian, UMR, OnSite Health, Martins Supermarket, ABG/Guidance Wealth, Sam’s Club, Medical Foundation Blood Donor, Working Person Store, Gibson Insurance, New Avenues, Eyemart Express, Verizon, Tuesley & Hall, and TCU Financial Services.

And the Winners Are…

  • Dave Reed – first session door prize winner
  • Charles Brooks –  second session door prize winner
  • Matt Giloth – door prize (2 $25 gift cards)
  • Jane Long – cell phone accessory basket
  • Sonia Cook – spa basket
  • Brad Lekarczyk – garden basket
  • Ryan Riddle – movie basket
  • Andrew Williams – golf balls from TCU
  • Dominic Catanzarite – cup from UMR
  • Steve Ward – cup from UMR
  • Brad Lekarczyk – New Avenues drawing