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Welcome Robert and Andrew to the Daman Team

In May, Robert Mikula and Andrew Poikus joined the Daman Team. Robert, who prefers to be called Rob—not Bob or Bobby, just Rob—began his career at Daman in the Standard Parts Distributor Services Department. He will be ensuring that customer information is accurate, and he will be addressing customer’s questions and concerns. According to Rob, his […]

Daman’s Journey to Continuous Improvement

It’s been a while since we reminisced about our foray into Lean, a process developed to maximize customer value and minimize waste, so we thought we’d take a step back to review just how far we’ve come. More than two decades ago, Daman’s growing pains were culminating in a state of chaos throughout the company. […]

Cyber Security DO’s and DON’Ts

People have been falling for online scams since the beginning of the internet. The sophistication of scams today has made it increasingly difficult for malware security software to help because the latest scams rely on tricking the user instead of infecting the computer with a virus. You’ve probably heard the term “phishing”. It’s when an […]

Daman Company Meeting

Executive Summary This year, Daman got off to a wild start! President, Dave Mischler, reports that orders are at the highest we have seen since late 2014, with customs being up nearly 50% just in the last 6 months. We certainly were not anticipating such a steep uptick in orders yet we continue to meet […]